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About Us

Brilliant Foreign Language Education (BFLE) learning center was established in 2014 with the goal of spreading the passion of languages to our community. Since then we have received much support from parents and teachers who seek to bestow the gift of language to their children and students. We are devoted to providing a comprehensive learning environment by offering a diversified curriculum system consisting of not only languages but also art, caligraphy, mental math, and various after school tutoring programs. All of our staff and teachers are well equipped and fully qualified.

Under the joint efforts of our staff and teachers, in early 2015 BLFE learning center became the only YCT certified school in San Diego, further empowering us with the honor to help motivate our students to excel academically in the language field.

Langauge is the most beautiful method of communication. Through the use of fluent and eloquent languages individuals are able to express their deepest emotion. "Don't let language become the obstacle of love" is our teaching philosophy. Language is not only our teaching curriculum, but also our platform to express love and strengthen communication. We strive to cultivate the potential of our students and to equip them with the ability to spread love through their passion for language.

We have a mission to continue to evolve and expand as we encourage the inheritance and promotion of the language culture, following the principles and values of quality education.



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