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Classes & Programs

Mandarin Chinese

1We have classes of all levels, from beginner to intermediate, to advance, for both children and adult.


2We currently offer 3 levels of classes for children and adult who are interested in learning or expanding their knowledge in French.


3We have two levels for students interested in learning Japanese.


4There's currently one beginner level Korean class available.


5There's currently one beginner level Korean class available.

Math League

6 We offer AMC/AIME Math Class American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) is intended to foster student interest in mathematics and to help students learn mathematical problem solving

Art & Painting

7 We offer an all-encompassing and enriching course that allows students to master various styles of art and craft through professional guidance. No foundation in art required. Open to children and adult of all ages.

Chinese Calligraphy

8 We emphasize on teaching our students how to absorb the beauty and eloquence of Calligraphy to further enhance their knowledge of the Chinese culture as well as to cultivate their own internal patience and sharpen their attention in details.


9We currently have Guzheng lessons which is a traditional chinese musical instrument.

After school care

10For working parents, we offer after school pick up and care for your children until 6pm. During this time your child may attend 2 Chinese classes per week and two other language classes (Spanish, French, Japanese) as well.

Math Tutoring

11 We offer after school math tutoring to students who need an extra boost in mastering the fundamentals of arithmetic.

Private Sessions

12For students who are looking for a bit more extra attention we also offer private session for ALL language classes.

Elementary School Onsite Classes:

We currently offer onsite Mandarin Chinese classes of various levels at the following elementary schools in the Chula Vista School District:

Salt Creek Elementary
1055 Hunte Pkwy, Chula Vist
Liberty Elementary
2175 Proctor Valley Rd, Chula Vista

Creative Art

Drawing and painting for children and adults - all ages

Chinese Folk Dance

The expression of emotion and story through controlled movements of the body

Chinese Calligraphy

The artistic expression of human language in a tangible form

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