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Our Staff

Annie Fan - Principal

Hello and Welcome! As the Principal of BFLE I am honored to introduce myself as well as my team of staff here at the langauge school.

I Graduated from Dalian Foreign Language Institute in China. Upon moving to the U.S. I soon recognized the impact of a cultural difference and a language barrier. This is what motivated me to want to operate a language school.

Through my passion for travel, I've come to realize the importance of communication; also, as a parent, I have a strong desire to ensure that my child is fluent in multiple languages which will greatly benefit her in her future travels.

My dream is to offer the same learning opportunity to all children in our community. My staff and I would like to strongly encourge children to learn multiple languages in order to build up their foundation so in the future they can utilize these skills and talents to further advance their career opportunities or expand their personal social skills

Here at the Brilliant Foreign Language Education center We have a team of well equipped and fully qualified teachers and staff. We believe that educating your child is a team effort, and we are always open to feedback and appreciate all your support.

Sarlina Fan - Director

Sarlina is accredited by the Senior Grade Certification of International Chinese Language Teachers. She is an experienced Chinese Instructor for non-native speakers and fully understands the importance of meeting the diverse needs of students with different learning habits

Yinghui Liu - Chinese Teacher

Nearly ten years of a principal position working experience in a kindergarten, a few years radio program editor and broadcaster experience in China. Hold a international Chinese teacher certificate with IVQ (International Vocational Qualifications) Advanced Diploma in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning. Awarded a certificate for the first level of mandarin from State Language Affairs Commission of China. Kind, easy-going and patient. Love kids and expect to contribute more in education.

Regine Swim - French Teacher

Regine has been teaching and tutoring French for over 20 years. She is dedicated to helping children learn the language and culture. She has taught students from kindergarten through high-school and college. She specializes in conversational skills and is great at tranlation instructions as well.

Maya Li - Art Teacher

Hello, my name is Maya. An artist, who also offer art classes for children and adult. I have been working with children on art for many years. I received my Bachelor of Fine Art from The Central Academy of Fine Arts (中央美术学院), which is the top one art university in China, also it is an academy where culture, history and art are flourishing, enjoys the best art resources of the world. I showed my interest in art as a child and began formal instruction when I was 13. I love to create many interesting art classes for all my students, let them enjoy the art classes. I really enjoy teaching all the students and getting to see so many wonderful students' works. I feel so lucky to work in art classes that values creativity. Excellence in education and excellence in art go hand in hand. Outside of the classroom I still like to keep making my own work. I had some art shows in many galleries. I will post the date and time for upcoming shows in the future on here.

Ms. Li - Chinese Teacher

Ms. Li is a native speaker of Chinese Mandarin. She graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a master degree in accounting. She has experience in teaching Chinese courses. She loves to interact with kids and see that they learn with a happy spirit. She also has the gift of seeing potential in kids where she can help bring out the best of their personality.

Siyan Zhou - Guzheng Teacher

Youth Guzheng player and educator, at the age of five, was enlightened by Li Minmin, a famous guzheng educator in Hunan Province. Then I followed Professor Wang Sha from Hunan Normal University in junior high school, and then got taught by the Professor Lin Ling from the China Conservatory of Music and Professor Yuan Sha from the Central Conservatory of Music. I graduated from the Folk Music Department of Jishou University Music College, specialized in Guzheng. The symphony conductor of the Conservatory of Music at the University of Lugansk, Ukraine. Los Angeles Guzheng Grading (Central Conservatory of Music at home and abroad). Member of the Chinese Musicians Association: used to be in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico and other countries

Shuren Li - Art Teacher

Shuren Li graduated from the fine arts department of Hunan hengyang teachers college, Guangzhou academy of fine. Good at Chinese characters, landscape, flowers and birds painting. Shurenli have achieved several accomplishments: Member of Chinese artists association. Senior researcher.China's national culture institute honorary adviser, works of art appraisal committee.Vice chairman of the Chinese artist association. Vice President of world Chinese fine arts association. Shuren li have been awarded with significant prizes throughout 1984 to 2009. The prizes are international recognized: The Hills, Olympics2019, Li Chang cup, Ode to the Yangtze river, Golden goblet, Outstanding contribution award, Silver medal of national painting and calligraphy exhibition, International art achievement gold prize, Hundred flowers awards gold prize. Published Art album: “Art album of Shuren Li” published in 1993. Published in 1999, “Art album of Shuren Li of Shenzhen artists”. Also Shuren li works in more than ten exhibition in different major cities in China.

Bo Guo - Math Teacher

Bo Guo, graduated from Shenyang Normal University in 2008 with a bilingual mathematics Bachelor’s Degree. In the same year, established Langxuan Education Institute, and the teaching directions were Test-taking Mathematics, Olympic Mathematics Competition and SAT. I have been teaching in IDEAL, Texas Public Education system since 2015. I have taught mathematics courses from the first grade of elementary school to the fourth grade of high school, and also work as a SAT math teacher. During the class, we are going to refine the knowledge of the combination of the Californian “My Math” and Texan “Go Math” which is awarded as “Children’s Enlightenment Book” for more than 50 years. The course will help students develop the following abilities: 1. Advanced Numeracy Skills 2. Inductive and Deductive 3. Logical and Reasoning Thinking 4. Imagination and Transferring 5. Problem-solving and Application

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