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Rates & Payments


Tuition consists of:

1) registration fee
2) hourly fee

Registration fee covers books, printed materials and other learning materials for the student. It is $50/student for the first year and $20/student for every year afterwards.

All Language class fees:

$100/month:1.5 hours per course for group of 4 students and up;
$20/hour for group of 3 students;
$25/hour for group of 2 students;
$50/hour for one-on-one class.

Trial Class:

Each student is entitle to one free trial class. He/She is welcome to take trial classes for different languages as long as the total class time does not exceed one hour.

Note: A registration fee is required prior to scheduling the trial class. If you decide not to enroll after the trial class, we will refund the fee back.


Each school year consists of two semesters:

August - January
February - July

Each student is recommended to enroll before the start of each semester, however, we are happy to accept new student year round as well.


Payment is made per semester. We accept cash, check, debit card or credit card.

If you prefer to pay on a monthjly basis, you can sign an autopay contract for the entire semester and we will gladly set up a monthly autopay for your account.

Should a student join us half way into a semester, payment for the rest of the semester is expected to be paid.


A 24-hour notice is needed to get a credit for each missed class. A credit is valid in the same semester period.


As our appreciation for your references to friends and families, we will offer $20 for each family signed up through your reference.

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